SEM Consultants-Asia
SEM, SEO, Digital Marketing and Tableau Visualization Services

Services Provided
  • SEM Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

  • Search Engine Marketing is by far one of the most effective ways to increase sales in online channels. Work is based on methodical, measurable actions, which through effective analytical tools can achieve measurably high ROI. However, the Search and Content campaigns should be planned carefully and it requires careful management and optimization to create impactful results. Search Engine Marketing focuses mostly on Google as it the market leader in search. However, depending on the target country reach and campaign goals, other search engine alternatives such as Yahoo and country specific search engines like Baidu, Sogou in China can also be provided.

  • Keyword Research for Various South East Asian Languages

  • Keyword research and analysis will focus on analyzing the keyword performance through Google Search Trends and aims to identify missing opportunities through comprehensive keyword research.Keyword research is extremely important, especially in cases where the website hasn’t identified the keywords for which they want to have a high Quality Score. Also, it can reveal missing opportunities, that would drive more traffic to their sites. Usually, where resources are limited, it is ideal to focus on a small set of keywords (5-10) initially and to aim to grow the scope gradually through keyword casting.

  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Management

  • Social media is increasingly anchoring its status as an advertising medium that should be seriously considered for many businesses. Along with search engine marketing, Facebook can be utilized to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the client's website or Facebook Fan page. What is most attractive about Facebook advertising is its ability to reach the right target audience based on factors such as age, gender, location, language, profession and others.Through Facebook targeting options, the ad reach accuracy and the conversion rate are significantly increased.

  • Social Media Push Services

  • Social media push campaigning through forum seeding, blogging and maintenance of fan pages can help to enhance the natural search results of the website. We can provide a completed analysis and detailed plan to enhance the client's relevance and natural search results ranking.

  • Google Analytics Set-up, Tracking and Reporting

  • Google Analytics tracking set-up and reporting is a very effective way to see the results of any SEM actions implemented. It can reveal interesting insights that the client was previously not aware of. Examples include identifying he traffic sources,the top search keywords,conversion funnels amongst others. The major benefit of the Google analytics report is also to discover trends and changes in the website and traffic.

  • Re-marketing

  • Remarketing is an effective way to create brand-building activities and support any goals to increase online conversion. Remarketing allows you to reach people who previously visited your website and match the right people with the right advertising message. Remarketing is a growing trend that has been extremely efficient in brand building and awareness, increasing conversions. One key re-marketing tool can be achieved through the Google Content account.

  • On-site Analysis, Site Strategy,Functionality Review and Conversion

  • Site strategy, functionality review and conversion aims to bind the website more closely to the client’s business strategy and identify the current situation vs. the ideal situation for conversion purposes. We aim to develop the right brand positioning statement and align this to the website user experience and functionality.

  • E-Commerce Strategy and Competitive Landscaping

  • E-Commerce Strategy leverages on our consulting background in the online environment and aims to use the competitive landscaping and intelligence process to identify competitors and what they are doing in the online and offline marketing field to improve their brand equity. The competitive analysis will give insights on which areas the client is lacking and in which segments it could win in compared to its competition. It can also reveal new competitors of which the client wasn’t previously even aware of.

  • On-going Process Improvement Consultancy Services

  • During the monitoring and reporting process, we evaluate and monitor all aspects of the websites performance, providing ongoing consultancy, identifying both strategy and site improvements to increase your visibility, reach and conversion via the Internet.

  • Tableau Visualization Services

        Production of visualization dashboards for faster insights and prompt decision making on the "metrics that matters" to the business

  • Translation Services

  • A one-stop service specializing in South Asian Languages is provided for better localized coverage. We are proud to be able to provide you with quality and affordable translations that guarantee client satisfaction for your development of contextually localized campaigns and search keywords for SEM. The following South Asian Languages are available:

    • Bahasa Indonesian
    • Bahasa Melayu
    • Burmese
    • Chinese
    • Tagalog
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese