Strategy to Build Traffic for Businesses in Myanmar- An App-First is Key

This blog  is to share my extensive experiences having worked as a growth hacker and traffic builder for C2C marketplace classifieds websites and apps in various countries within South East Asia and North Asia such as Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

I will write about my experiences in Myanmar over the last 10 months having worked aggressively to build up the buying and selling marketplace for a Myanmar classifieds apps known as OneKyat which now ranks amongst the top 5 apps in Myanmar as of June 2017.  Prior to OneKyat app in Myanmar, the company I had worked for had deployed which is a website and mobile site solution since end 2013. However, this Yaungwal site never did gain any traction due to the circumstances of the way users in Myanmar accesses the Internet in spite of the marketing dollars that was put in which amounted to almost US$10K/month at one stage. This is a decent marketing investment for a start-up  site to test the waters in view of the low per capita income of the Burmese people. In spite that traffic acquisition was cheap at USD$0.02 to USD$0.07  per click on Facebook or Google Adwords, the traffic quality was bad with a horrendous bounce rate. This was tantamount to throwing money down the sea as the loyalty of returning users were questionable with a web/mobile site approach.

Landline Internet continues to be expensive within Myanmar and only offices with business registrations have the luxury of applying for a faster 10Mb corporate internet line. Even that can be slow on those days when there is bad weather. Hence, many normal users are stuck to using the mobile internet.

As a result, to penetrate the market in Myanmar and to build the unique visitors/daily active user numbers , an app-first strategy is crucial. I will encourage companies who are planning to build marketplaces in Myanmar to deploy an app-first strategy as that is the only way to penetrate the market and to to build user engagement at the right price.

In my next article, I will share insights on the various tools that I had found effective to use to build the app traffic numbers in Myanmar. Myanmar is a virgin market as far as an app-first marketplace is concerned. The ability to grow quickly to build a dominant position is the crux to building a sustainable competitive advantage for the future as a unicorn in Myanmar.


Francis Goh

Founder and Head Coach,

SEM Consultants-Asia


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