How best to get quality app installs in Myanmar

The best way to get quality app installs in Myanmar is through Facebook marketing. This is proven in my last 10 months of acquiring app installs in Myanmar for the OneKyat app. I tried using Google Adwords and Google Display banners initially however the results were just terrible. Bounce rate on Google Adwords was around 70% other than for bidding on competitor and own brand keywords which I can get the bounce rate down to about 40% or so. Google Display banner was performing even worst at 80% bounce rate as the problem was that Google was unable to ascertain relevency for the Burmese language due to the lack of Burmese language support and translation at this stage. To do better, Google needs English supported websites in Myanmar for its ads matching engine to ascertain relevence. This made for Google to be a bad product for digital marketing in Myanmar at this point of time. I will share more on the tools to use to better measure app installs in my next posting.

Francis Goh

Founder and Head Coach,

SEM Consultants Asia

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