Analytics Tools to Use to Measure Effectiveness of App Installs in Myanmar

For today’s blog, I like to share my experiences on the use of various analytics tools when driving app installs in Myanmar.

Google Analytics is necessary to monitor the app install events generated from the website and mobile site via the direct apk downloads diverted from Google Search and Facebook Marketing.

Firebase Analytics can then be used to activate returning user engagement as an interim free tool. When the budget permits, it will be good to use a full fledged commercial tool like Appboy or Kahuna.

AppsFlyer is another important analytics tools that allows marketers to measure the loyalty of the user installs across the different sources.

Facebook Pixel and Facebook Analytics for Apps are additional tools that are required to measure the effectiveness of Facebook marketing channels and to be able to better use the Facebook Dynamic Ads which is a Facebook in-house product that acts somewhat like Criteo which is a dynamic ads creation engine via the product catalog.

Other app install partners to explore are Zapya which is fairly popular in Myanmar but I found that the user loyalty to be low from this channel. I also tried out working with DAU Clicksmob which had limited inventory in Myanmar. Clicksmob can drive loyal users at lower marketing budgets but the quality of loyal users decreases with the increase of the budget due to limited quality inventory in Myanmar. As of my writing, I did not get to try out the optimization of Facebook marketing using Clicksmob engine.

I guess that’s all for tonight’s sharng ! Will contribute another article at a later stage,


Francis Goh

Founder and Head Coach

SEM Consultants-Asia






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