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I am writing this post to urge readers to consider the usage of Appier as a useful cross-screen analytics tool for digital marketers as increasingly the trend today is towards the use of artificial intelligence to better build actionable insights from the collected data.

Appier allows a digital marketer to reach your customer across all screens. CrossX AI provides information on device ownership while building audience profiles that include attributes such as browsing habits, interests and behavior.

Appier’s CrossX AI technology offers a much broader reach than login-based systems, allowing you to integrate all of your device-specific marketing efforts into a single cross screen campaign.

CrossX AI evaluates signals like user behavior, analyzing billions of data points across Asia looking for patterns that indicate which devices share a common owner. For example: if a smartphone and a tablet frequently log in from the same WiFi network at the same time every day, there’s a good chance they’re owned by the same person.
CrossX AI first calculates pairs – say, smartphone/tablet tablet/PC – then further link those pairs into ownership groups (smartphone, tablet, PC).
Throughout, CrossX AI also analyses user behaviour, modeling how people move between and use their different screens, such as what types of content they like to browse on phones, laptops and tablets, and at what times of day.
Finally, it models the gender of the screens’ owners. CrossX AI stores this information about ownership, usage and other attributes in a database.

The volume of business data that can be collected via the analytics system like AT Interney, Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics to name a few has exploded. But companies face a challenge when it comes to extracting useful insights from this data. To achieve ongoing growth, businesses need the right technology.

Powered by proprietary deep learning and machine learning technologies, Appier’s unique solution bridges the gap between your data and intelligent decisions. The technology empowers every business to use AI to turn data into insights, starting with marketers who want to make sense of the mountain of CRM, site and app data and turn it into audience engagement, growth, and monetization.

At, we had trialed the usage of Appier as a cross screen analytics solution to better identify the uniqueness of the user across multiple logins across screens to maximise the use of our marketing dollar so that we do not advertise to the same user all the time. Appier thus helps us  to utilize our spend more efficiently so that marketing dollars are not wasted. This inherently cuts down marketing wastage as our marketing dollars are a limited resource. Give Appier a trial run today if you are thinking of a cross-screen analytics and programmatic AI-based bidding solution.

Francis Goh
Head Coach and Founder

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